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I am committed to bringing the benefits of yoga to women and their babies with loving support, knowledgeable and experience. Through my personal consistent practice I quickly began to notice the benefits of yoga strengthening both my body and mind. 


I am a prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor.  Prenatal yoga offers benefits that reach beyond the physical. While practicing prenatal yoga during pregnancy has been proven to help prepare the body for childbirth, there are also a number of mental and emotional benefits. Physically, prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles used in childbirth, stretches the body to enhance flexibility, increases circulation, reduces or eliminates lower back discomfort and swelling around sensitive joints. The breath work, meditation and inward reflection of yoga provides a deeper sense of awareness of oneself during pregnancy and can nourish the mind and soul. Yoga also offers you an opportunity to tune into your sensations and to connect with your baby. This initiates the process of bonding and supports you in cultivating your relationship with your baby even before he or she is born. A sense of community is also essential for any mom-to-be. Connecting with other pregnant women provides a sense of support and can help ground you in your experience. 


My classes are designed to nurture, relax and challenge your body, while inspiring confidence and relaxation in your pregnancy and birthing. Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, I will guide you through movement, breathing and guided meditation. Prenatal and postnatal group or private yoga classes available. Special packages available to birth doula clients.    


I understand that each of you has different needs. I am passionate about yoga and encourage you to share what you are looking for. 


Namaste. Emily Lovejoy

Pregnant Yoga
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