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Labor and Postpartum Doula


You may be asking yourself whether it is a good investment to hire a doula. You might think, “My partner/sister/mother/BFF is going to be with me. Isn’t that the same thing?” While the loving support of your family and friends, and the skilled attentions of a labor nurse if you’re birthing in a hospital or birth center are incredibly important, none of those people are qualified to do what a labor doula can do for you. Studies have shown conclusively that the benefits of having a labor doula are not duplicated by either family/friends or nursing staff. (CAPPA has a great position paper outlining some of these results). Hiring a labor doula is an investment in a safe, empowered, satisfying birth experience you will look back on with joy.

Immediate Benefits of having a
Labor Doula
  • C-sections reduced by 26% - 50%

  • Length of Labor reduced by 25%

  • Oxytocin use reduced by 40%

  • Use of narcotics reduced by 30%

  • Forceps reduced by 30%

  • Epidurals reduced by 60%

Benefits of having a
Labor Doula
  • Improved Breastfeeding

  • Increased time spent with baby

  • Decreased Postpartum Depression

  • Extra support for new family

  • Breastfeeding support and education

  • Newborn care instruction

  • Nursery management

  • Resource information

  • Empathetic listener

  • Relief from feeling alone

  • Less calls to the pediatrician for basic information

  • May reduce incidences of postpartum mood disorders

  • More rest for new mothers

  • Household assistance

  • Buffer for other family members/friends

  • And many more...


  • Significantly more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Less likely to have intrapartum analgesia (narcotics)

  • More likely to have shorter labors

  • Less likely to have a cesearean

  • Less likely to need instrumental delivery

  • Less likely to have an epidural

  • Less likely to have babies with APGARs of 5 or lower

  • 27% less likely to be dissatisfied with their births

  • Significantly less likely to feel a loss of control in labor

Benefits of having a Postpartum Doula
Women attended by Labor Doula are:
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